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Lighting Design at a country house

Inspirational Customers' Houses

We recently completed a superb project for a client who owned a large country house.  A grand project, we did the lighting scheme design for the entire property which comprised multiple bedrooms, grand living areas, staff quarters and recreational facilities.

The client had a particularly keen eye for antiques and fine quality collectibles so it was a joy to source items that set each room off in spectacular fashion. Particularly challenging were the areas that required matching pairs of large chandeliers, which we often struggle to find. Pairs and sets are the elusive antique lighting holy grail, and in a property this size sets are key to giving the design a harmonious flow throughout the house.

The lighting scheme design at this property reflects our key principle that marrying antique lights with modern bespoke designs and classic functional pieces, using latest technologies, provides the optimum balance for lighting design in a traditional style home. 

This very discerning customer is an avid collector of F. & C. Osler antique lighting so it was an absolute pleasure to visit antique sales and markets to track down these beautiful fittings, restore them to their former glory and then see them installed in such a beautiful setting. At the height of their fame, F. & C. Osler made the crystal fountain for The Great Exhibition in London and, as one of the first manufacturers to incorporate electricity into their chandeliers back in the 1880s, Osler were leaders in their time, recognising the huge potential of this new technology for their wealthy clients and their outstanding designs remain popular today although, sadly they went into liquidation in 1976.