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Beautiful Kitchen Lighting Designs

Inspirational Customers' Houses

Whether your kitchen has a traditional feel or is rather more contemporary, it is essential to get the lighting just right. We have a large number of customers who, with very different lighting designs have done just that!

Kitchen pendant lights look fantastic hung in a row or cluster over a breakfast bar or kitchen table and your kitchen pendant lighting can also be used to separate work areas of the kitchen from family spaces.

It works very well to vary the lighting between areas.  Some lovely glass pendant lights over the island could be complemented by an antique chandelier over the table in a traditional kitchen, or some industrial pendant lights if you are looking for a contemporary lighting scheme.

It is impossible to work in the kitchen if your only source of light comes from pendant lighting hung behind your worksurface.  A kitchen lighting plan should pay careful attention to task lighting, especially where work surfaces are under cabinets against the walls, and LED technology means there is really no part of a kitchen which cannot now be lit.

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