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Custom Made Chandeliers

Bespoke Lighting Design

Custom made chandeliers

When a client phoned and said they really liked our Marcle crystal chandelier, but it wasn't quite large enough to make the statement they were looking for. The chandelier was needed to light the top of the stairwell in their restaurant so, to stand out and make a statement, we decided to added a few extra features. The lovely crystal crown at the top and a weighty glass ball on the bottom soon added enough extra presence to make the perfect designer light for them.

We make a variety of small crystal chandeliers, which can all be adapted so you can have your own unique designer light.

Whether you are looking for a simple, traditional design like this, an unusual or quirky light fitting or something huge or completely unique, we love lighting design and would be delighted to help.


Where to buy custom chandeliers in the UK?

Here at Fritz Fryer we offer a range of custom chandeliers sizing from small to very large, all handmade onsite by us. With the choice to customise a bag chandelier or a modern crystal drop chandelier, our custom light fittings allow customers to choose the correct light size for their space, the metal finish they would prefer and the colour of the flex cable.  Click here to take a look at our standard metal and flex options.

Do you need an electrician to install a chandelier?

All of our lights come complete with installation instructions but we highly recommend employing a trained professional to install your light fitting.

Types of bespoke chandeliers we offer

Bespoke bag chandelier - the Brampton

This custom made chandelier ranges from size small, right up to a whopping XXL. It is inspired by the classic bag chandelier design, with the option to include a finial ball. This chandelier is a popular choice for a hallway or reception room, especially in a size XXL. However, the considerable amount of customisable options for the Brampton make it a perfect choice for almost any room in a home.


Bespoke crystal drop  chandelier - The Marcle

A made to order chandelier, including many recognisable antique features such as, crystal drops, decorative chains and a finial ball. This bespoke made chandelier is a modern must have with a unique twist. A strong contender for ceilings with large drops to allow you to create an ultimate focal point.

What ceiling height do I need to suspend a chandelier? 

Custom chandeliers are a fantastic lighting solution, as there are very few limitations regarding space and ceiling height when it comes to purchasing one. Both the Marcle and Brampton chandeliers are customisable to fit the customers' space. We have custom made chandeliers fit for ceiling heights from as low as 8 feet, to those exceeding 25 feet. As a rule of thumb we recommend that the minimum ceiling height needed for one of our custom made chandeliers is around 8 feet. This allows for a sufficient amount of drop for a chandelier to look right in situ. For any queries about selecting the right light for your space head over to our contact us page, where one of our expert team will be happy to help.

Are custom chandeliers expensive?

as little as £745 to anything greater than £1,150. - The price of a custom made chandelier can vary from around £745 to the limit of your imagination and, of course, your budget.

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