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Commercial Washroom Lighting

Make every area of your business feel luxury with some Fritz Fryer commercial bathroom lights. Choose from a range of different designs, from wall lights to stand out bespoke pieces.

Commercial bathroom lighting tips

Commercial bathrooms can often be seen as purely a space of function, with little thought for design or ambiance. Many businesses make the mistake of leaving their bathrooms basic, bordering on boring – an error which can be easily corrected with clever use of commercial bathroom lighting.

Here’s some tweaks you can make to the lighting setup of your commercial washroom to elevate the look of the space:

Get the temperature right

The washroom blunder that’s easiest to fix is having commercial bathroom lighting that’s too cool. Cooler light temperature is often chosen in an effort to make the space look cleaner and improve visibility. However, when considering this aspect of lighting, remember – lumen output is much more crucial to visibility than colour temperature.

We advise focusing on making the colour of your commercial bathroom lighting pleasant for visitors. Warmer colour temperatures make it easier for the eye to adjust when entering the space and add an ambience to the washroom which dramatically improves the experience of looking in the mirror!

Look beyond the light

An aspect often overlooked in commercial bathroom lighting design is the layout of the fixtures in relation to the mirrors in the room. Since washrooms in public spaces tend to feature large format mirrors placed directly above the sinks, it’s important that you take care to avoid placing lights in way that creates glare. To avoid this, we recommend opting for warmer light temperatures and lighting fixtures that provide indirect light.

Far from just being a nuisance, mirrors can be used to enhance the overall design of your washroom. Install these at an angle which captures the glow of your commercial bathroom lighting and you have the perfect device to spread the brightness across the entire space.

Don’t stop at overhead lighting

Much like other public spaces, commercial bathroom lighting shouldn’t be limited to general overhead lights. Featuring a selection of accent lights can do wonders for the feel of the space, transforming it into a stylish collection of functional areas.

Finding the right place for accent lighting is key. We suggest focusing on the toilet stalls and sinks, where you can install small, warm wall lights which can be adjusted to face the direction you need. Take care to avoid lights that are too powerful and bright, as they can be too harsh, but don’t sway into the other extreme either – recessed lighting can sometimes be too dim and hinder visibility.

Commercial bathroom lighting design

The art of commercial bathroom lighting designs goes beyond peppering a few bright lights around the room and washing your hands of the matter. Some careful planning and attention to detail are needed if you want to avoid your business’ washrooms looking sterile and unwelcoming.

There are a number of ways you can amp up the cosiness and chic of the space through clever commercial bathroom lighting design, depending on the type of location (e.g. office, bar, restaurant or a different public area).

You can add extra ambience by combining lights with bright colours. Even if your commercial bathroom design relies heavily on dark tones, introducing lighter shades in certain areas can do wonders for the overall atmosphere by reflecting and spreading the light throughout the room. We also recommend placing wall lights in the areas furthest from the windows were light might not reach to keep your commercial bathroom from feeling like a cave.

Our team can offer expert advice on commercial bathroom lighting design and help you choose the best fixtures to make your space inviting. Get in touch for more lighting ideas.

Commercial vanity lighting

Vanity light fixtures are another essential element of any contemporary public washroom. Versatile and powerful, commercial vanity lighting is instrumental to the consistent grooming that goes on in these spaces.

We already mentioned how the right commercial bathroom lighting can completely transform the space, and this is even more poignant when it comes to vanity lights. Our top tip for acing the aesthetics of your washrooms: combine design features such as taps and door handles with matching commercial vanity light fixtures to create a cohesive look.

If your interior design allows for it, one of the best spots for your commercial vanity lighting is on each side of the mirrors. Positioned in this way, vanity light fixtures double as task lighting and additional source of illumination for spaces with little natural light. Depending on the size of your commercial bathroom, you could use a couple of smaller wall lights or multiply the number of fixtures for more vast areas.


Finding the right commercial vanity lighting can be stressful when you have to choose between so many sizes and styles. We recommend you start by taking stock of the square footage, décor and existing fixtures of your commercial bathrooms. Once you have a clear idea of the space, think about the purpose of the new vanity light fixtures and how you can use them to add unique character to the area.

We also often suggest choosing commercial vanity lighting that’s part of a collection, so you can create a coordinated look throughout the bathrooms, matching vanity light fixtures with the other wall lights and pendants illuminating the space. Whatever your choice of interior décor and layout, our collection offers a variety of vanity light fixtures for commercial bathrooms, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect one.

A short guide to commercial bathroom light fittings

Now that you’re all clued up on the many benefits of commercial bathroom lights and the ways to find the perfect fitting, all that’s left is a few parting tips from our experts:

Always choose your fixtures from the top down

When you’re furnishing the space with commercial bathroom light fittings, we always recommend starting with the general ambient lighting that you plan to mount on the ceiling and any task vanity lighting you want to have above or around mirrors. Once you’ve chosen your pendants and wall lights, you can move on to finishing touches such as accent lighting which will draw attention to the art and décor.

Strike the right balance

The secret to prefect commercial bathroom lighting is moderation. We’ve already said this, and we’ll say it again – too many lights or lights that are too bright will quickly veer from useful to harsh and unhospitable. However, that doesn’t mean you should under light the washrooms either – ample illumination is important for keeping commercial bathrooms from looking unkempt and primitive.

Get your lights in position

Despite the fact that each space is unique, when it comes to the layout of your commercial bathroom light fittings, there’s a few general Don’ts. Overhead lighting that casts light directly above the vanity can be very unflattering – the optimal position for ceiling lights is over the walkway section.

Another thing to avoid, especially when it comes to commercial vanity lighting, is having asymmetrical fixtures. If you only have a vanity light on one side of the mirror, visitors will find grooming tricky because of the uneven illumination.

Commercial bathroom lighting suppliers

As leading commercial bathroom lighting supplies, Fritz Fryer offer a stunning selection of contemporary glass and metal light fixtures which seamlessly combine eye-catching design and sophistication to give your business’ washrooms a unique atmosphere.


We have a range of lights for each type of business. Browse the collections here.

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From striking pendants with sparkling glass shades to contemporary wall lights, our array of commercial bathroom lighting choices features something for every space and style. Browse our full range or get in touch if you’re looking for a bespoke fixture - we’ll make it for you!

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