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The Fritz Fryer Guide to UL Lighting – Antique & Modern Lighting

11 / Apr 2022

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The Fritz Fryer guide to UL lighting

Choosing lights for an interior in your home can take a considerable amount of time, let alone choosing the right type of lighting for places of business. As well as considering the aesthetic it will lend itself to the room and the decorative detail, you also have to factor in the functionality. Does it emit enough light in the room? And most importantly, is it safe in your proposed environment?

Ensuring that your lighting is properly certified and tested is a part of keeping your home or commercial property safe. At Fritz Fryer, we have a selection of modern design lighting solutions assembled using UL-approved components for homes, businesses, restaurants, offices, hotels and more.

As a lighting company that is UL Certified, we continue to meet the needs of the lighting market and leverage our expertise across the industry. Our priority is to ensure that our lighting is safe to use in your homes and commercial buildings, so you can have confidence that our lighting meets world-class lighting certification and is safe in your room.

If you want to know more about UL lighting, read on to find out everything you need to know about the certification and our efforts to comply with industry standards.


What does UL certification mean?

UL certification is one of the most recognised certifications for lighting safety - it is carried out by Underwriters Laboratories, who are an independent product safety certification organisation. They conduct regular inspections of a company's premises and workshop to determine if they comply with UL standards and are suitable for UL certification.

H2: Do lights need to be UL marked?

Although it’s not a legal requirement for lighting to be UL listed, it is essential if you are a USA customer or investing in lighting for commercial reasons.

Each of our lights for use in America are marked with a UL certification mark to show they use UL approved components and are compliant with US standards.

What do UL lighting standards mean for our customers?

As a UK manufacturer with international customers, we are responsible for making sure our lighting meets world-class standards. There are a few different features between Fritz Fryer lights and other lighting brands that ensure they are safe for our international customers, particularly USA customers. As well as a UL certification mark and a unique identification number, our Fritz Fryer lights that are safe for customers in the USA are modified to include:

  • An E26 lamp holder
  • American internal wires
  • UL approved flex cable that’s slightly thicker than our standard lighting range.
  • A fixing plate, which fits onto standard four-inch junction boxes.

These additional features to our lighting give our customers in the USA peace of mind when investing in Fritz Fryer lighting for their homes or commercial buildings.

What is unique about our UL lighting?

At Fritz Fryer, our light collections are aesthetically pleasing and are made using the best quality UL components. We take inspiration from beautiful features and vintage light fittings to create a range of antique lights that are made to comply with UL lighting standards. We do this by modifying components to ensure that they are fire and electricity safe, which means they might look a little different.

If you’re looking for modern and contemporary lighting, then our specialists can offer our standard collection of pendant and wall lights using UL components. The components look slightly different as they have a bigger fixing plate and an E26 lamp holder instead of the standard E27 and twist flex cable. Nonetheless, all of our lights are still designed to be sleek and timeless.

Custom UL lighting at Fritz Fryer

We can also offer custom-design lighting using components that meets UL lighting standards. Our lighting specialists can offer a range of modern cluster chandeliers and a selection of antique lights using UL-approved components.

Explore our collection of lighting for the USA, or get in touch to find out more about a custom-made lighting.

Still have more questions around UL-Lighting? Head over to our UL FAQS

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