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The road to the opening of Fritz Fryer London

1 / Dec 2021

Shop Talk

With the opening of our brand new London showroom we thought it would be lovely to revisit the last month, and some of the comical moments that have put a smile on our faces during this nerve wracking, irking, inspiring and incredible experience.
The month leading up to the opening was a new experience, to say the least. There has been an incredible amount of teamwork, a few setbacks, a couple of delays (who knew that furniture takes a good 10 years to be delivered?), but above all an exciting and fulfilling time, culminating in an amazing showroom that we can now call home. However, the harsh realities of kitting out a showroom cannot be ignored, and in fact smacked Flo and I right in the face when we realised firstly, you cannot get next day delivery for whatever you want (outrageous), and secondly, not to name names but some delivery providers are absolutely useless!
Myself and Karen (our director) had spent weeks choosing the perfect rug for our seating area. Countless hours scouring the internet to find ‘the one’. Of course we chose one, ordered it, were given a 4 day lead time - ideal - and happily awaited the rug's arrival.  Two days later I walked in to see a NOT IN letter posted through my door. NOT IN…? I was in from 9-5, the time frame given to me. Safe to say some frustration began to brew. Again, the next day, another letter posted, NOT IN… I’m sorry you have to be kidding me. I purposefully waited an extra hour in case this happened again. Now of course, like any normal person, I was livid at this point and must have made about 20 phone calls, trying to get answers. Another 4 days go by. I have heard nothing and I receive a strange message from my housemate; Liv there is a package for you at home that's just been delivered. It’s a biggy!” I thought no, no, surely not!”
* insert pic*. 
So, heres what happened. They couldn’t be bothered to deliver it to the address I had specified, and instead chosen to send it to another address on my account, my home. Well, when you see the rug you will understand my upset. It was ginormous. How was I going to transport it halfway across London with no car?Fortunately, my housemate kindly loaded my precious rug into an Uber, and the driver kindly drove the rug all the way to the showroom, 40 minutes away. Phew. Moral of the story, don’t ever use *****.
All jokes aside, despite the odd hiccup, we as a team have really managed to create a relaxed, dynamic, and most importantly inspiring space that welcomes everyone to enjoy. So if you are ever in Clerkenwell, and want to feel inspired, see some quality products, or even just have a coffee with us and chat about how slow furniture takes to come, please do!
Fritz Fryer has really managed to create a special space here and we look forward to welcoming you.
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