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3 Simple lighting tips to help you achieve a cosy living space

2 / Oct 2020

Modern Contemporary Lighting

We know it’s getting colder, so we want to help you achieve that cosy feeling in your home. With these simple steps you could be even closer to creating that autumnal hideaway.


1. Colour temperature

This initial step is simple, yet extremely effective. Simply changing the type of bulb you use could completely transform the atmosphere within your space.  The soft, warm glow of the right LED bulb, combined with a dimming system will set the tone for your snug interior. Choose a warm (red) colour temperature and a high CRI to recreate a traditional lamp (Read more here).  Whether you need a bit more light for your winter read - or the lights down low to snuggle up to your favourite film, these award winning bulbs will be perfect for your atmospherical needs. They’re a classic design with a modern twist and we love them when paired with our light designs - it’s a match made in heaven!

Check out our decorative LED bulbs here

2. Glass type
White glass is a must have when it comes to cosy lighting. When the light is turned off it is easy to love the clean lines and sleek design which fits perfectly within any modern home.  The white glass shade creates a soft orange glow, ideal for banishing those autumn blues. 
3. Finishing off
We have four varieties of metal finish to complete your look. Each finish has its own properties which would make it a great addition to your snug space.

Polished Brass - the golden hue is definitely in keeping with the warm feeling we are aiming to achieve.
Antique brass - is a more toned down and laid back look. A lovely cosy addition. 
Nickel - more clean cut but with a calming feel. 
Bronze - contrasting with the white glass, this metal finish is a classic and simple look. 

Don’t just take our word for it, order yourself a sample pack and decide your favourite for yourself!

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