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Reading into the history of Liberty London

26 / Mar 2019

Antique Lighting

How amazing it would have been to meet the man behind the iconic Liberty London, Arthur Lasenby Liberty? Liberty was a phenomenal visionary who brought his adventurous ideas to life, enabling the public to enjoy the cultures he was intrigued by and celebrate craftsmanship at it’s very finest.

Liberty opened the store in Regent Street with 3 members of staff, and filled it with fabrics and luxurious items he sourced from around the world. By 1890 Liberty had forged good relationships with many English designers by championing their unique artistic styles, giving them a platform to be seen from, today we refer to such styles as the Arts and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau. Liberty London remains synonymous with Art Nouveau, which is reflected in the detail throughout the 6 floors of the extraordinary store, be it from the detailing within the historic timber or the archive of patterns that are reinterpreted seasonally or simply the brand values that are known intrinsically to all. 

The stunning building was constructed in 1924. Using timbers from 2 ancient battle ships in the Tudor revival style. The internal space was separated into rooms with fireplaces to make it feel like a home.The Arts and Crafts furniture, carved panelling and intricate decoration was all made in a workshop set up by Arthur. His craftsmen made one off pieces of furniture and ornaments that adorned the store.

When visiting this fabulous store you get a sense of adventure, there are always exciting collaborations and dynamic displays – it is a vibrant, celebration that encapsulates Arthur Lasenby Liberty’s original vision.

We are very honoured and proud that Liberty are stocking a collection of our beautiful Vintage lights. We have often spoken about the importance of our history and the strong values Fritz Fryer Lighting possess. Both brands actively promote British craftsmanship and appreciate the expertise and energy used whilst creating something beautiful by hand.