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How to turn your bathroom into a home Spa

25 / Jan 2019

Home Lighting Tips

Along with personal renovation through New Year’s resolutions, many of you might be itching to renovate your homes as part of the fresh start. Why not combine self-care with interior design and give your bathroom a Spa makeover?

We know doing work on your bathroom can come with a hefty bill, but you don’t have to refurbish the place floor to ceiling to give it a more luxurious look. You needn’t splurge on rain showers or claw-foot bathtubs, and marble tiles are optional if you have perfectly good floors. With a few quality purchases and some clever decorating, you can lift the vibe of your space to Spa levels.

Here are six affordable ways to give your bathroom a Spa makeover and spare yourself some expenses:

#1. Declutter

That’s a piece of advice we always see in January, in reference to cleaning and improving productivity alike. Well, it’s relevant here too. If you want to give the aesthetic of your bathroom a boost, look into tidying up the off bits and bobs lying around your surfaces.

Add little touches like a soap dish, a fancy toothbrush holder and jars or boxes to keep your toiletries. Amp up your storage space with towel racks or baskets, hooks for your bathrobes and small cabinets or wall shelves for all the excess clutter. Organising your bathroom will instantly make the space look neater and more luxurious.

#2. Mirror the designer look

Take a leaf out of the interior décor book used by luxurious hotels and channel the opulence of your bathroom through a statement mirror. Instead of sticking to the bathroom basics from homeware stores, look for something with more character. A vintage piece, something with a more elaborate frame or an unusual shape will make the space look like something out of a design magazine.

#3. Brass yourself (or rather, your fittings)

Copper and brass will be very on-trend in 2019, and this extends to bathroom interiors. Significantly more luxurious than the basic chrome finish, brass will elevate the look of the room. If you don’t want to change your faucets (and we won’t blame you!), consider introducing copper or brass wall lights or ceiling fittings. Accessories with the same metal finish will round up the look nicely.

#4. Lighten up

Mood lighting is one of main things we associate with a good Spa. So, if you want to set a relaxed mood in your bathroom, you should once again think beyond the homeware basics. Upgrading your bathroom lights is a key step in this transformation, and while it might be pricier than buying a new soap dish, it will make a world of difference.

In a nutshell, it’s out with the aggressive fluorescent lighting and in with the warm, ambient hues reminiscent of the golden hour. Wall lights are often a favourite for bathroom lighting – when positioned correctly, they give off pleasant diffused light instead of the blinding brightness of a single ceiling lamp that casts shadows in the wrong direction.

Try placing a pair of wall lights either side of your (new, stylish) mirror to aid your morning routine, and disperse the rest to the corners of the room for optimal effect.

#5. Tend to your textiles

Is a Spa really a Spa if it doesn’t have big fluffy towels within easy reach? This stage of transforming your bathroom into a home Spa should be fairly easy. Replace your old towels and robes with new matching sets. You can coordinate those with the colour scheme of your bathroom or choose a bold accent colour that will pop.

For a fully coherent look, pick a bath mat and a shower curtain (if applicable) in the same style. This will add a designer vibe to the space, making it appear even more luxurious.

#6. Ace the accessories

The finishing touch in your bathroom’s Spa makeover is the accessories. They will round off the look and give the space a unique personality. You can choose a minimalist marble theme, warm gold touches, floral motifs or go full zen.

Choose your utensils accordingly, from the soap dishes and waste baskets to the wall hangings. You can further embellish the wellness zone look of the bathroom by adding succulent plants and filling the room with a nice scent of essential oils, incense sticks or even a room diffuser.

Candles are also a great accessory for a home Spa. Their soft light has unparalleled relaxing properties, which can be combined with an opulent scent for an extra de-stressing effect. Even unlit, candles make for a great design touch – pick shapes and colours that match the rest of your bathroom décor and scatter them around the surfaces on their own or in stylish candle holders.

Bonus: #7. Music

Technology allowing, you can go a step further to recreate the authentic Spa atmosphere with some gentle background music. Hook up a (waterproof speaker) to your smartphone and put on a relaxing playlist to accompany your self-care routine.


For more bathroom lighting tips and a selection of stylish lights perfect for your Spa makeover, head over to our bathroom lighting page.

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