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Four lighting trends that will dominate 2019

21 / Jan 2019

Home Lighting Tips

Changing a light fixture could completely transform the look of a room. And what better time to try this out than at the start of the year? Get your home involved in the New Year, new me hype and play around with light fixtures to reinvigorate your interior décor.

To help you kick off the transformation, we compiled some of the lighting styles that will be trending in 2019:

Metallic Finish - Brass & Copper

Copper Moccas Pendant Light

Light fixtures with a metallic finish will be very much on trend over the new year. A stylish companion to minimalist and mid-century modern homes alike, brass, copper or gold lighting is a guaranteed showstopper.

Any room will gain an air of sophistication purely by featuring a brass or gold light fixture. Chrome is also a sought-after finish for freshening up interior design. Try the metallic look in your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, and you will see for yourself the unparalleled richness that the lighting adds to the space.

Brass and copper lighting mixes quite well with vintage furniture. The polished shine of the metal complements both soft colour schemes and moodier shades, especially with velvety materials. Similarly, if you are choosing a light for your kitchen, choose a metallic finish based on your preferred colour palette. Darker hues really stand out when combined with copper or brass lighting, whereas pewter and chrome fixtures create a more neutral, clean and sophisticated look. 

Soft gold

Limited Edition Gold Plated Aston Lantern

Soft gold is another up and coming metal finish in lighting. Already, the industry is returning to real, living finishes for classic fixtures and chandeliers. The characteristic tones of unlacquered brass will be particularly popular in lighting design, especially when it comes to traditional interiors and vintage fittings.

The appeal of soft gold lies in the fact that it works just as well for remodelling contemporary homes. Marrying up the mellow warmth of gold with the soft matte finish of silver, this metallic look is the perfect match for any décor – from country cottage to urban chic.

Industrial style lighting

Skinny Ribbed Glass Upton Pendant Light

The Industrial look for lighting is trending towards a more sophisticated aesthetic, where a nod to the industrial look is complimented with cleaner lines, and we see this continuing into 2019.  Clear and skinny ribbed glass shades are shaping up a new ‘designer prismatic’ aesthetic which will be this year’s hot take on the classic industrial style.

Lights like our Aston lantern are already a popular interior design choice, along with pendant lights featuring our Upton and Wellington shades. All of these stunning Fritz Fryer shades are locally handcrafted in the UK and loved throughout Britain, so you don’t have to stay far from home to light up your house with these trendy fixtures.

The Edison-Style Bulbs Aesthetic

Vintage light bulbs offer an alternative take on two of this year’s biggest trends – industrial and nude lighting. Installing bare lights rather than opulent lighting fixtures in your home will give your interior décor the subtlety of the nude aesthetic, while the brass or copper metal finish will add a touch of industrial to the look and make your vintage bulbs really pop.

This warmer take on the retro style is perfect if you want to infuse a touch of nostalgia into your home. The homely ‘naked’ lights look great in a kitchen or a chic living room. What’s more, whilst you can still find incandescent Edison bulbs for an authentic experience, you can now conserve power with durable Edison-style LED bulbs.


What’s your favourite lighting trend for 2019? Let us know @Fritz_Fryer.

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