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The 10 most popular Fritz Fryer lights of 2018

21 / Dec 2018

Modern Contemporary Lighting

As the year draws to an end, we look back on our sales and reflect on what our customers really loved. Without any further introduction needed, here are the ten lights that stole the spotlight in the past year:

#1: Wellington Clear Glass Pendant Light

Heading the list of bestsellers is the beautiful Wellington pendant. It combines a stylish tear drop design with a contemporary clear glass shade into a light fitting perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any setting. The Wellington is a popular choice for kitchen island light fittings, but also looks gorgeous hung in a cluster.  Available in a variety of glass types to suit your interior design needs.

#2: Hereford Globe Pendant Light

A close second on our top 10 list is the Hereford glass globe shade – by far one of the most adaptable in the Fritz Fryer collection.  The simple, clear glass pendant shown above looks magnificent over a kitchen table or island. Great as a standalone, in a row or in a cluster, depending on the style you’re going for.

#3: Upton Contemporary Wall Light

Our clear Upton glass shade is perfectly paired with a simple contemporary glass wall light in this minimalist kitchen design by Lucy Marsh (@lucymarshdesign). This wall fitting works a treat with low ceilings and can be fitted as either an uplighter or a down light. You can get the stunning Upton shade in ribbed or white glass as well.  

#4: Ledbury Ribbed Bathroom Light

The ribbed Ledbury glass shade is exquisitely paired with our elegant contemporary fitting to create this beautiful wall light. IP44 rated for bathroom use, it comes complete with a glass capsule and can be fitted in either direction. Place on both sides of the bathroom mirror for stylish and functional task lighting.

#5: Industrial Wall Light with Peterstow prismatic glass shade

Our Industrial wall light features another lovely ribbed, prismatic glass shade. The slim right arm bracket makes it simple and practical, perfect for lighting a small space. Use to illuminate cosy nooks or install in pairs around a rustic hallway mirror for a breath-taking steampunk look.

#6: Contemporary Wall Light With Clear Hereford Glass Globe Shade

This hand-blown clear glass Hereford shade is exclusive to Fritz Fryer. All our hand-blown glass shades feature unique elements such as air bubbles in the glass and one-of-a-kind individual variations in colour. The Hereford shade looks fantastic on our Contemporary Wall Light. It’s also available in ribbed glass and as a pendant shade – perfect if you want to create a cohesive look!

#7: Industrial workshop light

The popularity of our industrial workshop wall light is largely due to its simplicity and practicality. A great addition to any room, it can fit in any space thanks to the slim right arm wall bracket. The industrial wall light is the perfect fixture to mount above a desk, but it could also be used in industrial-style kitchens and hallways to create a unique workshop vibe.

#8: Wellington Ribbed Glass Pendant

The Wellington Ribbed Glass Pendant light is a popular choice for create a subtle layer of ambient lighting over kitchen islands and dining tables. Showcased above is a picture perfect kitchen by the House Build (@thehousebuild) featuring the Wellington pendant. The sophisticated, ribbed glass light is also available in other colours and on other fittings.

#9: XXL Hereford Globe Lantern with a 3 way centre

The Hereford Globe pendant light with a three way centre is a simple and elegant fitting featuring a clear glass globe hand blown in the UK. Incredibly versatile, it can be the perfect centrepiece for your living room or an eye-catching lantern for the hallway. Available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, as well as in a cluster.

#10: Hereford Ribbed Glass Globe Pendant Light

The Hereford ribbed globe pendant light is a simple, ribbed glass globe is great as statement lighting above a kitchen island. Hang a single pendant light above the kitchen counter or use different size shades to create a staggered effect. The Hereford ribbed globe shade also a popular choice in our cluster chandeliers, where it’s mixed with clear globe shades to create layered feature lighting.

Bonus #11: Meet our Aston Lantern

Inspired by our love of clock and watch designs, the Aston Lantern draws on the rich engineering history of the Midlands. The embodiment of the steampunk aesthetic, the lantern comes in endless combinations of glass and metal finishes, so you can tailor its look to the unique setting of your home.

The stunning Aston lantern made an appearance at the 100% Design show in a limited edition gold plated version.


Make one of our bestselling pieces the centre of your 2019 décor vision. Order online from the Fritz Fryer shop or contact our team with any questions!

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