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Bespoke Handmade Fabric Shades

21 / Dec 2017

Shop Talk

The popularity of artisan crafts is going from strength to strength along with the demand for creating a unique look for your home.

Jan Hartley of Mono Handmade in Monmouth has been making soft furnishings for over fifteen years and although she still loves making blinds, curtains and cushions, her real passion is designing bespoke handmade lampshades in collaboration with her clients.

Jan’s concept is that a lampshade does not necessarily need to be neutral nor purely functional. It should be a statement  piece whether lit or unlit; it has the power to create an ambience. Each handmade lampshade is tailored to her client’s requirements to complement their existing interior design.

Many of the commissions she undertakes are from clients who have an old, well worn lampshade that they just don’t want to part with. Often the shades have sentimental value or simply the client cannot find a commercially bought shade to match the unusual shape of the one they have. Offering this bespoke service means that clients can reinvent their old lampshades and combine traditional aspects of design in either a traditional or contemporary setting.

Jan enjoys working with clients to create stunning and imaginative pieces and she likes the idea of utilising frames that could otherwise be forgotten or discarded. Alternatively, completely new lampshades can be designed to the client’s specifications.

Mono Handmade lampshades are exactly that – made by hand using traditional skills rather than commercially bought lampshade making kits. The lampshades are labour intensive, the fabric being stretched, pinned in place and then hand stitched; no glue is used.

As the name Mono Handmade suggests (as well as reference to being made in Monmouth), each lampshade is unique. Multiples are only made when a client requires matching lampshades. No two clients will have the same

Jan’s bespoke lampshades add the perfect finishing touch to your home, whether existing frames are restored and re-covered or something completely new created.