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We Need To Talk About Light Bulbs

24 / Aug 2017

Modern Contemporary Lighting


We all know that LED technology is good for the environment, but it gives off a horrible white light and only comes in ugly lamps right?  

An Old Favourite Reborn
Ironically squirrel cage filament lamps saw a dramatic revival following regulations to restrict the use of traditional incandescent bulbs.  As the government tried to lead us down an environmentally friendly pathway towards LED and compact florescent lamps,  people flocked to buy expensive squirrel cage filament bulbs which, as part of a 'special category' fell outside the restrictions for some time.  Following the trend for industrial lighting these bulbs have been popping up in cafes, eateries and live music spaces.

The problem is that filament lamps use up a lot of electricity; when we’re constantly told to be energy efficient, it’s difficult to justify clustering dozens of them together for the sake of aesthetic principle.  Enter the LED filament lamp, an innovative spin on a style we just can’t seem to get enough of.

Far from a stark white light, the glow given off by these spiral led filaments gives a romantic, warm ambience similar to that of a candle.  They can set the mood for any gathering, combining Edison-style curves with the high efficiency of the latest LED technology. Handcrafted from special polymer materials, with a patented design that bonds an LED chip onto pure synthetic sapphire substrate, these lights offer 360 light distribution, zero UV emissions and an A++ energy rating.

Available in a variety of gorgeous shapes and sizes they look fabulous in our clear glass shades or simply clustered on pendant sets.