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What Catches Your Eye and Why?

29 / Dec 2016

Shop Talk

Here at Fritz fryer we are lucky enough to be able to celebrate the antique alongside our fabulous new range of lighting. We have beautiful hand blown glass shades, crystal chandeliers and silver and gilt electroliers, wall sconces, and lamps, bespoke re-purposed lights in various forms and new crystal bag chandeliers.

Packed full of history,interest and innovation. it is impossible to have a favourite, though I have been known to say 'This is my new favourite'!.......

I would like to draw your attention to a charming Vaseline pendant with Arts and Crafts gallery. This gorgeous pendant  is a true gem.
As this piece is an antique it is a one off, making it a perfect statement piece for the home, situate it over a small dining table, or in the hall. Over a bedside table, or as a statement pendant in the sitting room.

The wealth of knowledge and expertise at Fritz Fryer provide answers to my many questions. Restoration work sympathetically undertaken on site provide an opportunity to see projects in progress. Tired, dusty and broken lights are transformed, once again fit for purpose. I can observe crystals being counted out and added to a chandelier, then turn my focus, on the detail of a silver plated electrolier that I previously walked by without notice. Wall sconces I admittedly had dismissed as being too fussy look different, more appealing. Why? Perhaps as I start to understand them a little more I start to like and admire them a little more. "I don't like that sort of light" can be translated as "I don't know enough about that sort of light!"

So, back to the Vaseline glass (also known as uranium glass) pendant..., Dated approximately around the Arts and Crafts movement ( 1880 - 1910 ),  at this time Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement were influencing foreign shores. The industrial revolution was well under way, electrical lighting was far more accessible. Travel provided inspiration for artists, designers and architects, as well as nature and culture. 

Approximately 60 years previous,'The Great Exhibition of the works of industry' in 1851, provided a platform for the UK to show the world its role as Industrial leader. Its members included The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts. It was attended by Charles Darwin, Lewis Carroll, George Elliot, Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickens, almost a third of the UK's population attended this event. It was a huge source of inspiration and celebration of British ingenuity. 

Appreciating the qualities of the Antique and our contemporary lights by asking questions is recognition of the superb craftsmanship, of history and authenticity. Valuable for inspiring a new generation of designers.

Take a look at this stunning regency chandelier attributed to John Blades 

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