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3 / Sep 2016

Shop Talk

At Fritz Fryer Headquarters today we are celebrating 20 years, to the day, of service of a valued team member.

Margaret has seen the business change owners, move premises, grow and take on new staff. Many customers that shopped with us back in the 90s are delighted to see that Margaret’s friendly face is still here to assist in all manner of projects. She has been an essential team member for as long as most can remember.

Throughout the years she has passed on her knowledge of crystal, antiques and design onto many, not least Karen & Simon when they took over as new owners in June 2004.

Most people don’t know that the original designer of our top selling lantern, the Sellack, was Margaret herself. Perhaps many parallels could be drawn between the two, Simplistic, elegant, a staple for any sophisticated establishment. Another string to our Margs’ bow is that she also hand pins every piece of crystal you see either on the website or in the shop. She keeps herself busy sat at her desk in the shop muttering away to herself. Using her experience Margaret has also designed our range of small chandeliers such as the Brampton, Tarrington, Marcle which are all made to order.


A stickler for quality she keeps the team constantly on their toes, with special attention given to James, the workshop manager. It is a running Joke that after a conversation is finished between the two, 3 seconds after James has left the room Margaret will remember to ask something, and shout “JAMES” down the corridor to call him back.

Card designed by Brittany Davies -

All of us here are so thankful for the guidance, knowledge and humour that Margaret provides on a daily basis. She is an excellent story teller and has many memories she likes to share with us, we are glad to say that we have been a part of many of those memories and we look forward to many more, as we continue into her third decade with us.