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12 / Mar 2015

Modern Contemporary Lighting

Coolie pendants lights were first seen in the Edwardian era and are so popular that unfortunately demand for originals far exceeds supply, so we have designed the Hay coolie pendant light.

The Fritz Fryer take on this English classic features an attractive hand made glass coolie shade in 2 sizes. Available in a traditional white finish reminiscent of the classic Edwardian English Coolie, as well as a clear glass option for a more modern feel - there is a coolie pendant to light every space. Available on our selection of handmade pendant sets as well as a number of our wall lights including the adjustable wall light and our swan neck wall light.

The Hay Coolie takes its name from the small historic market town of Hay on Wye. Located just on the border of Herefordshire and Wales, Hay is known worldwide for its book shops and yearly literary and arts festival.

 The festival attracts over 10,000 people to the town over just 4 days with its promise of talks from authors, literary figures and comediens as well as conversational panels on popular writing topics and current affairs. 

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