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18 / Feb 2015

Shop Talk

Hello Everybody!

I am Romane, I'm 16 and I'm from France, to be precise, from Bordeaux. I am in a special class at school, studying design. I am lucky to be the first French member of the Fritz Fryer family for a few days. My school program goal is to teach me to become a future designer, so I am here to discover what a design life (consists of/looks like). Last October, I had an interesting conversation with Simon and I told him that I'd like become a furniture designer. Immediately, he asked me if I wanted to realize a work experience in his company. Here I am! It is a great opportunity: first, it shows me the progress of the shop, second, it's a really good training to makes my english better, then it takes me travel by my own and be autonomous.

On Monday, Emma taught me how to take great photographs of pieces (how placed the object, where should i take the photographs, how can i get a nice brightness and use a part of the Photoshop system. This is my first shooting photo:

I could use photographer equipment (camera + camera foot + studio lamps + grey background) and I feel lucky because I won't probably use it twice in my future life, so it was a great opportunity.

On Tuesday, I wrote a blog post to explain why I am here for a few days. I have also taken photographs of new lamps, which are going to be on the website soon!

On Wednesday, I assembled crystals to make a chandelier. It was a very precise work because I had to join the crystals together thanks to iron links. It was probably my favourite activity I've done here.

I will help to make a chandelier like this one, so It will take a long time!

On Thursday, I took many photographs of new shades. let's have a look!

On Friday, I finally made my own chandelier. It took me long hours and lot of patience, but here it's the end result!

Today it's my last day here and I'd like to share the photos I took during the week:                                                               

Every good thing has an end

It was such a great experience to be here and to discover what is hidding behind a designer life. I can't thank Simon and Karen enough, they have done so much for me. It was an incredible opportunity to realise this work experience. I liked everything I have accomplished, especially the creation of the chandelier (even if I lost my patience many times haha). I enjoyed to use Photoshop® and take photographs. Moreover, I could talk to different members of the team and it was very interesting .  Now I feel more confident with my english because I understand almost everything when people talk to me, it's a good start! I acted on my own and now I feel more autonomous. I don't want to come back to France because I am definitely feeling at home here. I'm starting to act like an English person (now I am addicted with tea haha). But I must leave if I want to come back!

Thanks to all the people who worked with me, I hope I will come back soon xx

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