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22 / Apr 2014

Home Lighting Tips

When designing a lighting scheme for the bedroom, it’s essential that lights are easily adjusted according to the mood you want to create. It's important to have multiple layers of light in a bedroom with the principle source being dimmable in order to set the right mood.  Here are Simon's top tips when creating a lighting design for bedroom:

  • Bedroom lighting controls should be located by the entrance to the room and at either side of the bed so you don’t need to stumble to the bed in the dark!
  • Bedside lights are best at a low level and with the ability to direct the light so that you can read etc. without disturbing anyone’s sleep.
  • If you have fairly low ceilings dimmable warm white down lighters may seem the obvious choice, however I prefer to achieve the correct level of ambient light in a bedroom using multiple layers of alternative sources of light such as table and standing lamps, picture lights and wall sconces. If you install a 2 or 5 amp ring, these lamps can be switched on by your door or next to the bed.
  • If you are have a high ceiling a crystal chandelier will certainly add some glamour to your bedroom.  I think it's worth pointing out that if the chandelier is over the foot of the bed the ceiling height does not necessarily need to be quite so high as no one will walk directly beneath the chandelier. I would always recommend using a chandelier in a bedroom in combination with the other light sources already discussed.
  • Accent lighting is where a particular object  is illuminated. This will contribute to the ambient level of light and will create an attractive feature if used to accent art work or an architectural feature such as stone work or carved moulding.
  • If I had to highlight the most important bedroom lighting to get right, I would say the bedside light.  In this humble light fitting many mistakes are made!  I like to have a locally switched bedside light; this light should be a task light that is sufficiently bright for reading but not so bright that it will keep a partner awake. The best bedside lights can also be directed to exactly where the light is required.
  • Another simple favourite of mine is to use LED strips in a wardrobe which light up via a door activated sensor/switch when the door is opened.