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10 / Nov 2012

Home Lighting Tips

There is one area of lighting which is often overlooked in the design process; wall lights. During a build, installing an electrical supply for wall lights is a simple process. Post build, it’s a different matter. Who wants to gouge a channel in a smooth plastered wall just to spread a little light?

So, at the beginning of you design process, PLEASE DON’T FORGET THE WALL LIGHTS!

Wall lights come in a fabulous array of shapes, styles and sizes

Wall lights make a lovely addition to almost any room, from practical, directional spots in a kitchen, to ornate gilt fittings in a grand entrance hall, they add another dimension to the light. However, there is one situation where they are essential; when faced with low ceiling heights.  It is incredible how many customers come through our door having just had a room rewired or a new extension and need a ceiling fitting with a tiny drop. If it’s not too late, we send them away to have a friendly chat with the electrician!  A ceiling pendant and a low ceiling does not make for a happy partnership, particularly if your family has tall genes.

Wall Lights are good! In a sitting room, low level lighting from wall lights, table and standard lamps will encourage people to sit and can give off a very gentle ambient light, making your guests feel welcome and comfortable.  Similarly in a dinning room, some decorative wall lights will give a lovely ambient light when you guests are seated around the table.  In the kitchen, they can light areas that other lighting cannot reach and, set low next to the bed, they can make a practical alternative to reading lamps in your bedroom.

So, if you are planning a lighting design why not speak to Simon (our expert in this field) oh and, ….please don’t forget the wall lights!