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24 / Mar 2011

Lighting Restoration

This fabulous 3 branch chandelier was picked up in pieces at an antiques fair.  When you are scouting for pieces of superior quality its worth looking at the detail for a first impression.  In the case of turned metal we are looking for elegant lines, good proportions and interesting details.  This light has a tapered shackle, a small detail but worth looking out for as it is a good indicator that your piece is Edwardian.  Likewise the finial has multiple ridges framing elegant contours.

Edwardian chandelier restored by our workshop - before and after

In order to repair this light fitting our workshop fixed the frame, cleaned up the metal surface and silver plated it, and completely rewired it to adhere to modern safety standards.

Originally this was brass, but silver plate is a lovely finish and modernises an Edwardian fitting like this one making it more accessible for those of us that might be nervous of buying antique.  An antique piece need not be intimidating or make a statement, sometimes its fine quality and functionality are enough to warrant a place in your home.

Its a shame that it seems so hard to find modern objects that come close to the level of craftsmenship we so effortlessly excelled at during the Edwardian era, but thanks to the thriving second hand and antique market these pieces are still in our world and their rarity and excellence makes finding and repairing them all the more satisfying for us.  Next time you are at a car boot sale or vintage market have a rumage around in the boxes of broken objects, you never know what you might find.

(and just so you know, if you find any lighting gems Fritz Fryer can repair and restore them to their original splendour!)