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No matter how bizarre, unique or completely out there your dream bespoke light may be, we can make it! Have a look at the cool creations we've already achieved, and let your imagination run wild!

What are bespoke lights?

Bespoke lights are made to the specification of the customer. They can be quirky, crazy and completely out there, or a simple twist on a classic lighting design. Here at Fritz Fryer we absolutely love creating completely unique lights, just for you!

A unique light can completely transform a space, create a new perspective of a space and be an added extra that is the cherry on the top of an already perfect room. A new light offer a chance to express your personality within the room and their uniqueness means you won’t see the same design anywhere else.


Where can they be used?

The great thing about bespoke lights is that they can liven up any type of indoor space. They are great for cafe’s, bookshops, restaurants, ski lodges or simply just a lovely home.

A beautiful bespoke chandelier or pendant lights can be an incredible feature in a stairwell, a unique way to illuminate a space that can be dinghy or forgotten. Stairwells are a great place to showcase your lights as they often offer extra ceiling height than elsewhere in your home. 

In the bedroom, custom made lights are a unique way to enhance your sleeping space by adding a touch of your individual style.  Bedside table lamps need not be boring and if you have some extra ceiling height from an attic space, then you can really go to town.

Adding a custom-designed light to the kitchen alongside functional task lighting, such as spotlights, is a great way of layering light and showcasing your style. Install a beautiful bespoke cluster chandelier above the kitchen island, for an incredible feature piece.

Installing a ceiling light may not be straightforward, especially when it comes to suspending them. A custom plate designed to your space is normally the answer if you're looking to install something like pendant lights but there are many other bespoke lighting options to choose from. 


What materials can be used for a bespoke light?

Bespoke lights can be made of almost any material the customer desires. In the past, Fritz Fryer has made a range of lights from an old wok, bike parts, driftwood and even car parts. The start point of designing a custom made light often involves a discussion about a client’s hobbies or design inspirations. The Fritz Fryer team build on this to create the perfect light just for you, from riding boots to bike wheels, from crystal droppers shaped as ski’s to enormous cluster chandeliers, bespoke lights are what we do best.  Choosing to go bespoke with your lights is perfect for those who are dreaming of a light made of unconventional materials.


What is the design process for a bespoke light? 

The process begins with your wonderful idea for how your perfect light should look. You are then put in touch with a designer from our Fritz Fryer team, to begin turning your idea into a reality. Images of the space aren't essential but can really help our designer visualize what they are working with. 

Picturing how your bespoke light will turn out can be hard, so at this stage you can request A 3D model of your light. This 3D rendering is created on Solid Works and is a great representation of how your design will look. 

The glass for your bespoke light is mouth blown by our glass supplier, the metal components are hand finished and assembled onsite, as well as the flex cable colour is selected and cut to size and then wired to the metal components - all you have to do is sit back and wait for your incredible bespoke light to be delivered.

If you are interested in talking to our team today to discuss your lighting ideas or just to get more information about what we can do for you, you can contact us today.

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