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Whether you are decorating a bar and restaurant, or a purely drinking venue, you will need a variety of bar lighting fixtures to meet the varied demands of the space. Getting commercial bar lighting right requires careful consideration so that you can both respect the needs of your customer and create the vibe you want for the space.

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Commercial bar lighting tips

Do you want to focus on creating intimate, toned-down lighting over your booths for couples, or illuminate the bar area with vivid overhead lights? You can mix and match as you see fit – the important thing is taking the time to stop and think about your bar lighting fixtures, so that the end result is an appealing and inviting space. 

There are many types of commercial bar lighting designed specifically to help your establishment stand out from the crowd (and attract large crowds!). You can use a combination of pendants, chandeliers and wall lights to create ambient lighting and highlight the best features of your venue. 

Commercial bar lighting ideas

What makes commercial bar lighting fixtures ‘right’ is how well they cater to the needs of your space. It’s all about the balance between creating a unique place and setting a mood which keeps your patrons coming back for more!

The good news is, there are numerous commercial bar lighting ideas depending on the particular clientele you cater to and the atmosphere you are looking to create. Ceiling lights, for instance, can be used in a variety of different ways across your venue, and with the range of styles and finishes they come in, they can be designed to match any bar interior. 

There are no set rules when it comes to selecting lights for your bar, the lighting design will depend on your chosen style as well as the lighting required by the space. You can opt for flush to ceiling lights, or choose pendants instead. You can match contemporary bar lighting fixtures with traditional décor, or stick to the same style throughout. Whatever your vision, you can mix and match bar lighting ideas to create the perfect space. 

You’re also not limited to ceiling lights when it comes to bar lighting fixtures. Some of the best commercial bar lighting ideas we’ve come across feature a variety of light types, artfully mixing ambient light with task lighting and setting just the right mood. Whatever interior décor you choose, the right commercial bar lighting will create a uniform look and transform your venue from drab to dapper.

Bar lighting design ideas

Bar lighting design ranks high on the list of essential elements for creating the right ambiance in your bar, up there with a carefully curated menu and eye-catching bar top look. In addition to tying in the different aspects of your décor together, the right bar lighting fixtures can play an important part in how your customers view the venue and highlight the focal points of the space with the flip of a (light) switch.

Below, we’ve compiled some bar lighting design ideas which will help you turn your establishment into the place to be, whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating. 

Retro bar lights

Opting for retro bar lights is a fantastic way to create add character to your venue and make sure it leaves a lasting impression on your patrons. Great for adding unique ambiance to a space and supplementing the overhead lighting, vintage bar lighting fixtures such as stained-glass lamps are a fantastic choice for traditional bar interiors. 

Don’t be shy with your dramatic lights either! Decorative commercial bar lighting comes in a range of styles and colours, so you can tailor it to the aesthetic of the venue, then pepper throughout to create a consistent look and thoroughly transform the place. 

Bar lighting pendants

Widely regarded as one of the best light types for the purpose, bar lighting pendants are taking establishments across the world by storm with their effectiveness in emphasising key features across the venue, such as the drinks display and bar top. 

Designed to make your bar offering more enticing, and the overall atmosphere more inviting, bar lighting pendants come in many shapes and sizes. Feature pendants, for example, are often complete with intricate details and delicate glass shades, which makes them the perfect focal point for any area. 

Combining practicality with style, bar lighting pendants are the most flexible and visually appealing task lighting option you could choose. Perfect for anything from an indie speakeasy bar to a spacious venue catering to large crowds, pendant lights bring unrivalled illuminating power and versatility which guarantees you can find the perfect match. 

Stunning as a standalone above an intimate booth, bar lighting pendants are also glamorous when used in a row of three or five, above the bar itself or along larger tables. With the right selection of pendants, you can ensure that your guests can easily read the menu and your bartenders can see what they are doing, so they can craft the perfect beverage. 

Coffee bar lighting

Chandeliers are another great commercial bar lighting choice. Especially popular as café bar lighting fixtures, chandeliers come in a range of styles to suit different décors and are often used as the venue’s statement piece. Ranging from traditional to dramatically modern, chandeliers are a type of commercial bar lighting best suited for establishments which are looking to make a bold statement. 

In addition to drawing the eye of patrons, chandeliers can also serve as a tool to grab the attention of potential customers passing by. Perhaps the most elaborate of coffee bar lighting choices, chandeliers offer the perfect mix of elegance and ambiance, acting as a focal point without being gaudy. 

Bar lighting for wall

Wall lights can also serve as bar lighting fixtures. Simultaneously adding glamour to your décor and acting as an additional source of illumination, bar lighting for walls is fantastic for venues with a vintage interior design or establishments banking heavily on their lighting scheme as the main point of interest. 

Where to buy commercial bar lighting (UK)?

Here at Fritz Fryer, we offer a range of commercial bar fittings which pair beautifully with both traditional and modern interior décors. Browse our range of contemporary and antique bar lights above to find the perfect bar lighting fixtures for your venue’s entryway, table area and bar, or even bathrooms! 

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