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In recent years airports across the globe have taken on the task of enriching the lives of tourists by offering clean designs and luxurious lounges where they can get started on their relaxation even before take-off. 

Creating the perfect oasis of calm, privacy and lavish amenities for travellers requires a well-rounded approach. High-end shops residing in the terminal, restaurants offering delicious refreshments and well-lit, comfortable waiting areas will have travellers arriving early to start their holiday experience at the airport.

Below we’ve selected some Fritz Fryer lights which are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your airport lounge.

The importance of airport lighting

Far from being just a stop on the way, airports these days have become multi-faceted hubs of hospitality, retail and business, as well as welcoming an unparalleled number of tourists and air shipments.

In this context of quick growth, finding the right lighting for your airport can meet business needs such as reducing costs, improving efficiency and becoming more sustainable, alongside providing visitors with an excellent travel experience.

Good airport lighting will add distinctive ambiance to your terminals, turning your airport from a point of transit into a landmark in its own right and a luxurious destination which appeals to tourists with a taste for duty-free shopping.

And, speaking of shopping, the more ambient your airport lounge lighting is, the more travellers will want to linger, which means you’ll see increased revenues on your hospitality and retail offering. Beautifully illuminated terminals overflowing with quality goods and services will also boost the brand image of your airport by offering a superior experience to visitors compared to your competitors.

An added benefit of quality airport lighting that’s often overlook is the safety it offers to both passengers and staff. For one, travellers will find well-lit terminals easy to navigate. What’s more, plenty of lights will make the airport a more comfortable working environment for your employees.

Terminal side airport lighting

Well-rounded terminal lighting systems will help passengers in Departures and Arrivals alike to feel welcome at your airport by creating spacious and relaxed atmosphere. From the cosy ambiance of lounge space to the brightness and order of key areas, airport lighting helps you create a memorable experience by making the traveller flow easier and safer.

When choosing lighting for your airport, pay attention to these areas:


Good lighting is one of the best ways to help passengers feel calm in busy and unfamiliar settings such as arrival and departure halls. In addition to making finding their way easier, quality airport lights will put travellers as ease while they are waiting, especially if their flight has been delayed.


As the ‘arteries’ of the airport, travellators and connection areas have the task of linking different terminal zones together. To create sense of speed and efficiency on travellators, we recommend using brighter lights which amp up the overall ambiance of the space. Busy connection areas, meanwhile, can benefit from softer lighting which adds tranquillity to a space.


Check-in desks and passport control are some of the key areas where good airport lighting benefits both visitors and your employees. Higher quality light makes checking travel documents easier, which speeds up the process and turns it into a smooth flow that’s pleasant for all parties involved.

What’s more, better lighting means better facial recognition, which contributes to making the whole process more secure and efficient. By choosing the right lighting for your airport’s security areas, you can keep your employees vigilant, which helps them keep everyone safe and perform body scans to the top of their abilities while keeping travellers feeling at ease.


While travellers are roaming the terminals, you can use cleverly designed and placed airport lighting to whet their appetite for shopping, encourage them to explore more retail and hospitality spots, or even guide them to key locations.


Once passengers have made it off their flight and into the baggage reclaim zone, they can feel a bit anxious as they await the reunion with their precious cargo. We advise using soft lights which resemble daylight for this area of the airport – they will have a soothing effect during the wait and allow travellers to spot their luggage easier when it appears on the conveyor belt.

Airport architecture

In addition to enriching individual areas of the terminal, airport lighting is a great tool for adding unique character to the space and turning it into an international landmark. Play around with colours, layouts and styles to highlight the best of your airport’s architecture. Investing in ambient, beautifully crafted airport lounge lighting will boost your brand image and turn your terminal into a hospitality hub.

Airport lounge lighting ideas

When it comes to choosing the best lights for your terminals, we have the options to suit a range of settings and purposes. From pendant ceiling lights and wall lights perfect for airport cafes, bars and restaurants to downlights and spotlights ideal for duty free shops and waiting areas, we’ve just the lighting solution for your airport terminal.

We offer a range of different finishes and designs, so you can choose between making a statement with your terminal lighting or using downlight and other accent lighting to complement other architectural features of the space.

The right type of airport lights will create a relaxed atmosphere while also keeping with the high end, sleek feel of the space. By mixing contemporary interior design with comfort-first environment, high quality lighting products can turn your airport terminals into the favourite spot of air travellers!


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